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ThetaHealing™ Books

On The Wings of Prayer




The ThetaHealing technique has become known all over the world for its power to heal and help people. Few people know the beautiful love story that led to its creation. Now, for the first time, this tale of devotion and commitment can be read by all in this beautiful book.

On the Wings of Prayer
by Vianna and Guy Stibal

NZ $30.00 Including GST (paperback).



“In this book I will reveal one of the most powerful energy-healing techniques that has ever been in a written text …” — Vianna Stibal.

The ThetaHealing™ technique is explained in this book by Vianna Stibal, Founder of ThetaHealing™. A compilation of her former books, Go Up and Seek God, Go Up and Work with God, transcripts of classes as well as new information and experiences.  This book is given to all students of the Basic DNA class because it provides a thorough introduction to the ThetaHealing™ technique and is a practical guide on using the technique.

NZ$30.00 Including GST (paperback).  

Advanced ThetaHealing™ - All That Is

This is a companion text designed for the practitioner who already understands the processes explained in both “ThetaHealing” and “Disease and Disorder”.
“Advanced ThetaHealing” gives the reader an in-depth guide to Belief, Feeling and Digging Work, along with additional insights into the Planes of Existence.

NZ$35.00 incl GST (paperback).

ThetaHealing™ Disease and Disorder
This book is a definitive guide to learn an in-depth understanding of releasing disease from an intuitive perspective. In this book you can read about the Programs, Belief Systems, intuitive insights, remedies, and supplements that Vianna has found to be of value as they pertain to certain diseases and disorders; and from her experience with over 47,000 sessions.

“I must thank all the wonderful clients that gave me the opportunity to learn the information that has finally come to rest, compiled in this book for posterity. May this knowledge be a gift for all those brave souls out there that dare to believe.” – Vianna Stibal

NZ$38.00 Including GST (paperback). 

ThetaHealing™ RHYTHM to Finding Your Perfect Weight

This is more than just a weight-loss book! It is about finding your mind, body, and spirit, while tapping in to your inner beauty and love for yourself.
Now for the first time Vianna has compiled a book that demonstrates how to use ThetaHealing for weight loss and reveal a strong, healthy, and beautiful body which you love!

ThetaHealing Reclaim How Your True Higher-self Manifests to Finding Your Perfect Weight

NZ $27.50 including GST (paperback).


ThetaHealing™ DVDs & CDs

Manifesting from the Seventh Plane (CD) 

This ThetaHealing™ technique manifesting meditation CD is designed as a method to bring abundance into reality. It is created for you by Vianna using a process from the ThetaHealing™ technique. This CD has a meditation track that will guide you to the 7th Plane of Existence and show you how to manifest in your life.

This is the same CD you will receive when taking the Manifesting and Abundance class with your Certified ThetaHealing™ Instructor.

NZ$35.00 Including GST.  

ThetaHealing™ Yoga DVD

This 2 disk DVD features Narayan Jyoti, ThetaHealing™ Master and Yoga Teacher, and Brandy Opfar, Vianna's daughter introducing a basic Yoga practice combined with the ThetaHealing™ meditation process to enhance your yoga practice.

NZ$35.00 Including GST. 

ThetaHealing Technique DVD

Meet Vianna Stibal, the founder of the ThetaHealing™ technique, as she talks at length about the foundation and essence of the work she has developed in the last fifteen years.
She also explains the different Planes of Existence that surround us, and how they all work together to bring us the wonderful experiences of our life.

This inspirational DVD was filmed in Vianna's magical labyrinth, in her own garden in Idaho, USA.

NZ$35.00 Including GST.  

Enlightenment DVD

In this Enlightenment dvd Vianna will explain her personal opinions and perspectives of theta brain waves and why they are so beneficial to the ThetaHealing™ technique as a healing modality or just a way to connect with The Creator of All That Is. Vianna will also briefly explain different activities that we all do every day that will put our brains in a theta state of mind without our consciousness even being aware of it.

Manifesting your dreams goals and desires has always been a very big part of ThetaHealing™ and she expresses that as well. This is a live and very rare workshop that was filmed in March 2011 at a Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas, as part of an all night chant and meditation. The information is well explained and informative if you're trying to understand theta brain waves and why they are so important to the ThetaHealing™ technique. Learning how to work on the body, mind, and spirit can be very challenging but through this technique, anything is possible.

NZ$19.50 Including GST. 


Digging and Belief Work DVD

The ThetaHealing™ technique is most know for its digging and belief work. In this DVD Vianna Stibal, Founder of the ThetaHealing™ technique shows different examples of how to use the digging technique in different situations and make powerful changes in your life.

Highly recommended for practitioners and teachers of the ThetaHealing™ technique.

NZ$45.00 Including GST.  






NEW! Manifesting and Abundance Revised and Expanded 

Every Goal, Dream or Desire can be Manifested through clearing blocks, Imagination and a little dedication, we can create our own reality. These Techniques have helped thousands of people achieve what they once believed to be impossible and were only available if you took the ThetaHealing Manifesting & Abundance Class. Vianna is now making this information available to everyone, because she truly believes we all have a divine right to connect with the Creator of All That Is and produce positive results in every aspect of our lives. Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Financially.

Manifesting in the ThetaHealing™ technique is the belief that it is possible to create anything in the physical world, for your highest and best way using the power of the Creator of All That Is.

This DVD is most beneficial if you have read the ThetaHeailng book and Advanced Thetahealing book or if you are a certified ThetaHealer™. This DVD does not certify you as a Manifesting Practitioner, but to complete the full Manifesting Class you can find a Certified ThetaHealing Instructor by
clicking here

NZ $45.00 Including GST


Practitioner and Teachers Meditation CD

On this Practitioners and Teachers Meditation CD, Vianna will share with you her secrets to a successful practice in readings, healings, seminars, or whatever your heart desires to be a success!  Vianna has been channelling this information and manifesting what she's needed for years and believes being connected to the Energy Of All That Is and truly imagining in detail what it is you want, will be key to a successful manifestation or healing.

Track 1 - Manifesting for Clients and Students: is Vianna's gift to everyone having a little trouble filling appointments or classes.  This is the same technique Vianna has used for almost two decades, proven to work again and again for others and herself.  She will walk you through a relaxing yet powerful technique that has already changed thousands of people's lives all over the world.

Track 2 - Improving Readings and Seminars: is more of a lecture with inspiring thoughts and simple suggestions from Vianna, when stuck on some of the most common obstacles of Client Readings or Student Seminars.  This is a very intuitive and insightful lecture designed to aid Practitioners and Teachers in all areas of their practices.

NZ$30.00 Including GST.

ThetaHealing™ Meditation for Children CD



Rainbow Children are extremely sensitive and incredibly psychic!  They were born with infinite and endless wisdom along with the skills to change the world around them.   This is a great beginning CD for Rainbow or Intuitive Children and is very easy to understand.  Vianna Stibal, founder of ThetaHealing™, has always been fascinated with children's meditative and psychic abilities, and has developed this CD as an incredible and easy way for our children to connect with the Creator Of All That Is and the meditative energy of the ThetaHealing™ technique. This CD includes Children's meditations and Native American songs.

NZ$25.00 Including GST.







The Seven Planes and Soul Mate Manifestation CD

This unique CD gives you the guidance you need when manifesting health, soul mates, or anything else your heart desires in just a few short meditative minutes.  Vianna walks through several different techniques that are gentle and easy to understand while showing your subconscious how to achieve what it wants.

Track 1 - Manifesting Health and Enlightenment from the 7th Plane of Existence: is how you achieve co-created instant healings and answers for yourself and/or your clients.  When working with different issues surrounding the human body, mind and soul.  This is also the energy you can come to when seeking answers or advice if feeling lost of alone.

Track 2 - Manifesting for a Soul Mate: isn't just bringing your most compatible soul mate to you, but experiencing how to love your current partner again too.  In this meditation, Vianna will guide you up through the universe, helping you bring forth and create someone who will cherish and adore you, while staying connected to the Creator Of All That Is.

NZ$25.00 Including GST.

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